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Bristol to Baghdad, Iraq

Bristol to Baghdad, IraqMillions flooded Iraq's shrine city of Karbala on Tuesday December 6th 2011 for Ashura as well as my flight landed at the Baghdad International Airport on December 1st for the most important day for humanity and spirituality.
Millions of pilgrims walked the streets beating their chests or flaying their backs with chains for Human Rights, Justice and for religious freedom , this time I joined the team of mourners from Pakistani group (Al-Harmin) who were waiting for one at the Baghdad International airport for the mourning the death of Imam Hussein, grandson of the Prophet Mohammed PBUH, who was killed by armies of the caliph Yazid (Dictator) near Karbala, Iraq in 680 AD due to religious discrimination and abuse of power and freedom.
Tradition holds that the Imam's innocent family was decapitated and his body mutilated in Karbala just because imam refused Yazid (Dictator) classless religious system of pleasure and good time of atheism and to protect human rights and true freedom from sins. Imam Hussein’s event is the heart and the part of Abrahamic family and for me because of human fealty. Imam's father Ali ibna Abu Talib is buried in the city of Najaf were Prophet Adam, Prophet Noah, Prophet Shale, Prophet Hood (a.s.) and many well-known Seven Prophets are buried in the same space due to wisdom of seven.  
The city of Najaf has the oldest an extensive grave yard popularly known as Wadi–US-Salam.
Our family history is connected to Iraq from 1900 years ago the solid piece of mineral deposits the dough of God or piece of Rock (earth) belongs to no one but God. Time went by quick We Migrated from Iraq to Shiraz Iran to Gardaze Afghanistan from Afghanistan to Delhi India in the 11th century and now from Multan Pakistan to Bristol Connecticut United States. The round holy dance of nature started from the garden of Adam Iraq for Human Fealty.
The processions of mourners, many dressed in black, included Shadman Raza reciting poetry concerning Imam Hussein's life over a loudspeaker. Some people also carried free food, water for mourners depicting the battle in which Imam innocent family was mutilated without water, food and shelter in the plains of Karbala. I carried a flag in front of mourners to keep them together as a group and the wording on the flag was " Srat-E-Mustaqim" Meaning the Way of Wisdom for humanity.
"The number of mourners to Karbala to commemorate Ashura and after Ashura will reach about seven million" people,
The city's roughly 400 hotels were full and pilgrims rented private home as well as sleeping in the tents on side of the streets, I was lucky to find room in the Hotel Tuba with mourners of Pakistan. Every day I got up 4 am in the morning to walk around the city to see mourner’s devotions and to find my mother, sister and nephew Ali who supposed to meet me in Karbala but due to miscommunication and change of hotel I lost address and now I’m trying to find them in millions of faces. They came from Syria to meet me and for Ashura in Karbala Iraq.
Iraqi security officers were very helpful, professional and respectful to all mourners. On Monday, at least 28 people were killed and 78 wounded in a wave of bomb attacks in central Iraq against mourners.
 I Ajmal Mehdi condemns in the strongest terms by volunteering my time in Karbala for help feeding hungry and sick mourners. I was deeply saddened by the horrific (Yazidi) attacks that continue to shatter the lives of thousands of innocent families across the globe especially Iraq, Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan.
December 4th the second to last day and I was not able to track my mother, sister and nephew Ali by afternoon, I was hungry and in the middle of line to get free chicken with beans and suddenly I saw my nephew Ali walking by me from the same food cart I called Ali he looked at me and smiled.  
He hugged me and we went to see mother and sister who were waiting for me from day 1st. I was really happy to see them that night after few hours I went to Imam Shrine to pray and after prayed.
I ask Heavenly Light. What is family?   The answer was Blessing.
Blessing on humanity from the father Mehdi and the son Adam with Holy Spirit of Human Fealty!
The 10-day Ashura commemorations began on November 27, peaking in Karbala on Tuesday December 6th 2011.
During the 10 days, we gathered at night to listen to stories about Imam's innocent family was decapitated and their bodies mutilated in the plains of Karbala to safe monotheistic faith, knowledge, wisdom and human rights that there is nothing But God (Rab-ul- Alammen).
Seventy one companions of Imams Hussein’s against the army of ten thousand was a test of God. Which Imam and companions completed with dignity and faith to safe Prophet Adam and Prophet Abraham legacy of equal justice, Human rights and family system to stop culture of Slavery, Atheism, Adultery, Drinking, Smoking, Drug use, Money lover, Racism, Sexism, Assaulters, Murders, Thief, Gamblers and dictatorship.
Iraqi's are very brave, honest and friendly the country needs help to improve it diverse culture differences to improve education system for young generation and safety and security for travelers.
At the Baghdad International Airport we spent one night in cold outside because it’s not open 24 hours a place where green zone starts every one change their taxi, car, van to get in the green zone and get different vehicle to go to airport for security reasons . Security officer were kind enough and concern about our safety they give us one blanket due to frigid cold weather that night.
Time went by quick and my flight landed at the Dubai International airport were I spent 8 hours to get next flight to John F Kennedy.
I Ajmal Mehdi came home to Bristol prayed to my God and asked heavenly light what is Ritual?
The answer was: Ritual can give realistic purpose of achieving complete fulfillment of internal life. The spiritual change from loneness to loveliness is based on love by giving unlimited trust in God (Rab) and faith in humanity.
Human Faith is a religious of God (Rab) of humanity (Rabi). The definition of humanity (Rabi) in our faith is the quality of being humane and respectful for life.
The waves of fresh air with small particles full of wisdom and oxygen of (Rabi) are in the air it is just matter of time when they touch the brain to change the heart. Human Faith is heavenly light of knowledge restriction on sacred light is eclipse on humanity and blasphemy.
I would also advise the British Government to stop controlling small nations, and to allow them to rule themselves so they can improve their education and structure. Enough is enough.
The Divine Affirmations of human faith are the commandment of God (Rab) of Humanity (Rabi). The crime against the Divine Affirmations is blasphemy and great disrespect for our God (Rab) of humanity (Rabi).
God Bless America
Written By Ajmal Mehdi of Mehdi LLC Medics Home Healthcare/
Lucky's Mini Mart 37 Center Street Bristol CT 06010 860.582.2226/860.583.3338

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